Charity work

Metalco has embarked on several charity projects with local charities, in order to raise environmental awareness whilst at the same time helping those in need through monetary donations.

In 2013 Metalco Ltd. together with Metweee and a local charity Puttinu Cares launched an online campaign to collect old mobile phones. From the 5,000 mobiles collected, Metalco Ltd. managed to raise €2,000 which were all donated to Puttinu Cares.

In 2014 Metalco Ltd. once again partnered up with Metweee and Puttinu Cares by launching a campaign within schools across the Maltese Islands to promote and encourage the recycling of electronic waste. Metalco supplied special bins to the schools to allow students to recycle WEEE waste, after which it was collected and processed by Metalco in order to raise a donation for Puttinu Cares.